Happie Amp: Custom Product Development

Project Scope

Create a MP3 / MP4 player custom tailored for the on-stage performer niche market (for example singers, clowns, speakers, dancers, etc).



  • Completely custom firmware design.
  • Completely custom functionality.
  • Integrate wireless RF remote module so the MP3 / MP4 Player could be controlled by RF remote control.
  • Design, prototype, and create custom remote control with rubber silicon casing.



8 months from concept definition to working product.


How it Happened

Client had a very clear understanding of how the product should work from a user’s perspective.  Together, Hatch and the client developed a clear and thorough firmware tree to show the functionality of each screen of the firmware and what each button did at each screen.  Special functions and dedicated buttons were also defined.

For the firmware work Hatch used a high level IC engineer to program the firmware modifications.  For the hardware work Hatch combined a RF module specialist with an MP3 / MP4 hardware specialist to create a stable hardware platform.


Services Used

  • Manufacturing
  • Development
  • Sourcing



The Ultimate Control came on the market at $400USD.  The only competitor was selling a $1400USD product with much less functionality.  Our client enjoys a healthy profit margin and the device continues to have strong, growing demand.


The Ultimate Control








“I run a company that provides stage performers with products they use in shows such as amplifiers and other electronics. My industry is small and the market is niche where everyone’s an expert. I had an idea for a  product, but couldn’t find anyone who understood how to implement my ideas at the right price point, let alone offer a complete turnkey solution from concept to delivery of final product. I spent a year looking all over the world!  US companies wouldn’t consider the project for less than a $5,000,000 investment, overseas companies didn’t understand the specifics of what I wanted.  After a few emails with Ben it seemed that Hatch (or Shenzhen CE and IT Limited, as it was known at the time) understood the requests I had.  It was a breath of fresh air to speak to someone who spoke English as their FIRST language. The product was not easy to develop. We needed to reinvent a consumer MP3 player device for the specific needs of stage performers. The custom hardware and software features required for my product were very different than what was done before. We also needed to create a custom remote device with easy to press buttons and a high level of durability. Hatch started the project by working with me on creating a very specific feature list and work flow map for the product’s firmware using Excel.  They were very patient with my lack of technological knowhow and Ben did an amazing job explaining what I didn’t understand.  It was my job to communicate exactly what I wanted and Hatch provided feedback throughout the formal development process. Their comments and concepts were invaluable and greatly enhanced the outcome.  Once the concept was clearly put into writing Hatch began on the programming work. We worked together on doing images for the custom UI and I downloaded updated firmware files which allowed us to test updates quickly. Once development was finished I got to check out prototypes. There were some engineering details which we needed to make changes on. Those changes were executed quickly and the results left me very satisfied. Our custom MP3 device for stage performers has received amazing reviews and is now the top selling device of its kind in my field. After talking to so many other companies I’m sure there isn’t another company who could have worked with me as closely through product development to bring my idea to reality and actually bring together all the pieces for a successful mass production.  To say it’s been a pleasure to work with Ben and his team at Hatch is an understatement. I’m very lucky to have found this resource and recommend them highly.”


Brian Foshee – CEO/Founder @Happie Amp