Hatch Mission

Hatch's mission is for clients to feel safe and confident about getting their products so they can focus on growing their business.

Product designers, brands, and project managers with their big ideas, detailed specifications, and high requirements will find an open and welcoming door at Hatch Manufacturing.

Hatch embraces the opportunity to work with partners who value reliability, transparency, and innovation, offering a Western-style high-integrity service to clients from the global center of electronics manufacturing.


Our five values provide the framework for how we do business at Hatch. They guide us in everything we do - from key business decisions to day-to-day activities.

Deliver Great Service

Great service is an art. But it’s an art that lends itself to a certain kind of science. At Hatch we deliver great service by being good listeners; we take the time to identify client and employee needs by asking questions and concentrating on what people are really saying.

Deliver Quality

At Hatch we have a strict and consistent commitment to delivering the best quality. We believe quality is the result of an intelligent effort and so we allow the time and resources to do the job well and exceed client expectations.

Be Passionate

At Hatch passion is at the core of everything we do. By putting our hearts and minds into our work we get the best results.

Be Inspirational

At Hatch we are inspired every day and as a result we strive to inspire others through the work that we do.

Be Connected

At Hatch staying connected is fundamental to our success. We believe in unbroken communication and have our doors open at all times for clients and employees. Being connected is central to maintaining healthy relationships and running a smooth operation.

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