Quality Control

Quality Control:

Hatch´s QC team has 5 engineers who perform QC inspections at six key points during the manufacturing process. Our QC room is divided by 2 parts: Inspection area and Reliability testing area.

Our Reliability testing capabilities includes:

  • Vibration testing to simulate products transportation;
  • Impact testing to ensure sufficient mechanical strength;
  • Battery life cycle testing;
  • Scratch testing to define surface hardness;
  • Paint adhesion test to ensure the durability of painting;

Our inspection capability includes:

  • PCB inspection for SMT defects;

  • LCD inspection for sub-pixel defects, brightness and chromaticity;

  • Housing and packaging inspection for chromaticity and glossiness;

  • Batteries inspection for capacity and protection;

  • Camera testing for image sharpness, color aberration and noise;

  • Chargers testing for loading characteristics and Ripple & Noise;

Anti-dust room

Our Cleanroom is designated for touch-panel assembly to avoid dust particles between TP and LCD.

Dust-free environment is maintained by:

  • Air shower at the entrance to cut-off the dust from outside;
  • Filter fan units on the ceiling to remove the dust existing and appearing inside the room.

Distribution Channels

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