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Android Wi-Fi Tablet Chipset Review Q1 2019


Mar 2019

Android Wi-Fi Tablet Chipset Review Q1 2019

In Chipsets hardware-manufacturing By Oxana Ghenciu

The Android Wi-Fi tablet market has been fairly stagnant for the past 3 years.  With less consumer demand for these products, there are less IC manufacturers designing new chips for the market and those which are still making chips are updating less frequently. Below is a list of selected popular chips from the leading China […]


Dec 2015

5 of The Most Popular Chipsets For Wi-Fi Tablet Review and Comparison

Key Details on Allwinner A33, Rockchip RK 3126 and 3128, Mediatek MT3127 and Intel Z8300

Next-Gen Low Cost Chipsets


Dec 2013

Next-Gen Low Cost Chipsets

In Chipsets hardware-manufacturing By Garry Doran

Allwinner vs Rockchip As component prices fall and technology improves, we are beginning to see more and more smart products at very affordable prices. IC (integrated circuit) companies, OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers)  and retailers alike are all pushing for higher performance in their low end product lines and this is being made possible because of […]