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You have a working prototype or a product idea? We can help with development.

Hatch employs an organized plan, the right resources and clear goals to deliver the results you want.

Whether it’s creating a unique concept, improving on an existing one, or looking for a product you’ve seen before, Hatch tailors a solution that’s right for you.

Hatch brings together the key elements for developing your product from engineering support to usability feedback, quality control, and strong communication. Most importantly throughout the whole process Hatch takes a stake in your success.


The right tooling design is vital to the quality and cost of a product.

Your dedicated Hatch account manager works firsthand with our experienced tooling team to design and oversee the making of your molds. 

Tooling projects utilize teams that consist of mechanical engineering, industrial design, and manufacturing experts to make the end product both look great and be easy to assemble. 

Bringing together these key experts from the beginning of your project sets the path for delivering the results you want: a beautiful product, low defect rate, and increased production efficiency, all of which affect your profitability and success.

Hatch engages engineers who are experts in the specific chipset of your product to do PCBA layout to ensure efficient and reliable results.

You can utilize Hatch to create a custom PCB layout or have your own engineers send us the layout. Since some of our clients don’t have in-house electrical engineers, Hatch commonly manages the whole PCB layout.

Turnaround times are very fast for the design and testing work. To verify the safety and quality of our PCBs, Hatch takes finished PCBAs to testing labs for certification testing such as FCC, CE, RoHS, etc.

If reworking needs to be done to pass these certifications, Hatch does it free of charge.

Prototyping allows you to review high-quality samples of your product before the costly and time-consuming process of opening a mold.

Different kinds of prototypes exist for different purposes. Some prototypes are purely aesthetic while others are nearly mass-production-quality working samples.

Hatch helps you select the right one for your needs and budget. Once your prototype is finished Hatch’s QC team and mechanical engineers will give your prototype a thorough inspection, make any necessary fixes, and send it to you.

Prototype making takes as little as a few days and gives you a fully working prototype for purposes of showing customers, doing internal review, or completing testing.

Prototypes are great for getting client feedback or pre-orders before investing in expensive plastic injection or metal tools.

Whether you need complex programming done at the kernel level or a simple UI revision, Hatch delivers a complete range of software engineering support.

One of the biggest assets that Hatch brings to ‘China Direct’ products is improved usability.  The art of usability is often overlooked or poorly executed in low cost China products because the engineers here focus on speedy development over the finer points of usability. 

Hatch believes devices should be ‘simple to use’ which sometimes mean removing or limiting extraneous features.  Alternatively, if you require additional special features for a niche product, Hatch can make that happen for you. 

Great firmware improves end user satisfaction and reduces returns making it one of the best ways to increase product value without increasing per unit cost.

Packaging is the crucial last sale pitch an end user sees before a product is purchased. Hatch's packaging services help you deliver the perfect pitch.

Hatch creates mass market retail packaging, small and large POS displays, eco-friendly packaging materials and concepts, and cost-effective bulk packaging solutions. 

Hatch can also bring your packaging idea to reality if you’ve already made your packaging design. Creating the right packaging starts with understanding the environment a product will be sold in, the target consumer group, and identity of the brand. 

Bringing this under one roof, Hatch ensures your packaging fits right and looks great.

Let Hatch take the time-consuming and detailed task of layout and manual writing off your hands.

Many products get returned because the customer doesn’t understand how to use the product. An easy-to-understand user manual is the goal of all great consumer product companies. 

Hatch’s manual writer and graphic designers help our clients create content and graphics, write Quick Start Guides, and even help with the page layout. In addition to a written manual, new communication techniques such as slide shows or videos are other great ways to educate your customers. 

Using a combination of a traditional manual along with slide shows and videos gives end users the tools they need to fully enjoy your product.

  • Supply Chain Coordination
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics
  • Sourcing
  • Product Line Management
  • Brand Identity Maintenance
  • Product Innovation
  • International account managers for clear communication
  • Low cost and fast product development and manufacturing
  • Located in Shenzhen, the global center for tech product manufacturing
  • Multiple control checks for every order with customized checklist
  • High level of integrity and attention to detail

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