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Making Custom Android Device Manufacturing Reliable is our Focus.

If your hardware project involves Android operating system, you are at the right place! 

Android device development and manufacturing is our expertise.

For your Android Device development we design and implement Turnkey Solutions.

We provide solutions tailored to your needs. To achieve proficiency we settled in Shenzhen where we are plugged directly into the local resources.

As a result, at each step of the production, our team of experts knows where to go and who to meet to accomplish your specific requirements.

Hatch works with teams of reliable partners.

After more than 10 years of local experience, we know how to identify the best partners for your requirements.

How can you access key resources such as casing design, mechanical design and engineering, PCBA layout, firmware customization, component selection, module integration, certifications, tooling, plastic injection, product supply chain, and assembly?  The answer is Hatch.

Quality matters to the end user, so it matters to us.

At Hatch we focus on ensuring your product receives the greatest quality in its development and manufacturing. Guaranteeing this quality goes beyond Quality Control. 


Quality also has to do with ensuring a clear communication with you, actively managing your production and paying attention to each detail. 


"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." - Aristote

For your Electronic Device Development and Manufacturing, we provide Turnkey Solution that are Reliable

The right tooling design is vital to the quality and cost of a product. Your dedicated Hatch account manager works firsthand with our experienced tooling team to design and oversee the making of your molds.

Hatch engages engineers who are experts in the specific chipset of your product to do PCBA layout to ensure efficient and reliable results. 

For your firmware, whether you need complex programming done at the kernel level or a simple UI revision, Hatch delivers a complete range of software engineering support.

Prototyping allows you to review high-quality samples of your product before the costly and time-consuming process of opening a mold.

Innovative product ideas differentiate your product and create value, but the process of turning innovation into reality separates a product launch success from failure.

Hatch’s engagement with a project starts at the pre-development stages, assisting clients with detailed product conceptualization.

Hatch integrates your supply chain from the ground up, so that your product uses only quality components procured at the right price.

Quality control starts at the earliest stage of production planning and dictates the entire manufacturing process. Hatch’s quality control department has a proven inspection process during six key points of production to ensure that potential problems are exposed at the earliest stage possible and reconciled when found.

Hatch’s logistics team offers easy, cost-effective, and flexible solutions for you.  

China is the world’s factory. Source it reliably and efficiently. While they may look the same from the outside, all products are not created equal. Hatch filters samples from multiple suppliers, performs on-site supplier audits, and administers a detailed quality inspection for each order.

Hatch keeps your product line fresh and ahead of the competition so you can focus on sales and marketing. Hatch sees new technologies coming out before they hit the market and advises clients when the time is right to introduce new products.

Hatch implements your brand’s identity protocols throughout all products and collateral (packaging, manual, etc.). Whether working with you to create brand guidelines or implementing your existing guidelines, Hatch ensures your brand’s design, technical, and/or quality standards are upheld throughout production and delivery.

Packaging is the crucial last sale pitch an end user sees before a product is purchased. Hatch’s packaging services help you deliver the perfect pitch.

Hatch can also take the time-consuming and detailed task of layout and manual writing off your hands.

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The Benefits of working with Us


Teamwork and accountability have been the defining characteristics of all our successful manufacturing relationships.  Integrity is the foundation Hatch is built on.


Expect a lot of usability and technical questions about your product.  Whether we can learn from you or vice versa put Hatch's years of experience to work for you.


Our international account managers allow for clear communication and avoid anything getting ‘lost in translation'.


Time is money! Hatch delivers fast and reliable Android development with a seamless transition to mass production manufacturing, saving you time and money.


We are located in Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing capital of the world, so we can act fast with our partners and closely analyze any evolution in the industry.


Quality controls are in place at every step of Hatch's involvement because real quality comes from planning for it from the beginning, not just checking at the end.

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